“Pat is a great communicator and definitely ministers in what he does! Pat is not one of these speakers that just “talks” from the stage. In the camp atmosphere Pat is there all day, getting to know the students, relating to them, having fun with them. Because of this, the students get to really know him and listen so much more attentively.”

Grant Byrd        Minister to Students, First Baptist Church, McKinney, TX

"My students love to hear Pat bring the Scriptures alive. He has a great understanding of the Bible and his unique perspective keeps the attention of my students. Pat is funny and engaging but more importantly, he is truthful. One of the best things I love about Pat is that his messages are new each time and geared to my students needs. He does not do cookie cutter messages. I also love that Pat is highly relational off the stage and he has a heart for people.  I strongly recommend Pat for your next event.”

Chris Hurt        Student Pastor, First Baptist Church, Frisco, TX

“I’ve never seen anyone communicate in more of a humorous picture language than Pat. It will be one of the most sound biblical lessons you will ever hear in a humorous way. He can truly make scripture come alive.”

Brian Mills        College Pastor, Cross Church, Springdale, AR(Fayetteville Campus)

"Pat Cammarata has always been a joy to work with when ministering to students. He GETS teenagers. His testimony and his level of compassion coupled with his biblical knowledge and style of teaching has always been fruitful in presenting the Gospel and seeing it work in student's lives.”

Justin Cofield    Worship Pastor Development Director, Austin Stone, Austin, TX

“God has naturally gifted some people as communicators and Pat Cammarata is one of those people.  I have had the privilege to hear Pat speak on several occasions so I can recommend him without any hesitation or reservation for your camp, retreat, conference or event.  Pat's unique insights into scripture combined with his sense of humor make him the perfect communicator for any event.  You will not be disappointed!”

Jeff Hiett        Volunteer/Men’s Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Houston - South Campus

Over the years, finding a great speaker has proved to be difficult at times. Always desiring a person with an effective and solid theology, and even one who is personal as well. Pat Cammarata is that person. I've known him for over 20 years, and have watched him in every setting, from a DiscipleNow speaker to Camp speaker. One of favorite things about Pat is how phenomenal of a job he does in communicating the gospel clearly. I also love the fact that Pat gets to know you that week, wanting to know how he can pray and support your ministry. As Pat has served in the local church over the last 30 plus years he has made it a priority to invest into other guys in ministry. Please don't hesitate to use Pat at your next service or major ministry event.

Keith Nash            Founder & President of Mission 58 Camp

“Pat is one of my all-time favorite Bible communicators.  He makes the Bible come alive!  And he uses humor without sacrificing depth.  We've used him for numerous camps and conferences.”  

Will Hagle        JH Minister, Mobberly Baptist Church, Longview, TX

“In all my years of student ministry, there was never a speaker that our students requested more than Pat. And it's obvious why… Pat is uniquely gifted at communicating deep difficult biblical truths with humor and powerful stories.  I think the thing I appreciate most about Pat though it is his genuine love and time he invested in our students when he was off the stage. This guy is the real deal.  Engaging and authentic.”

Jared Allen        Pastor, First Baptist Church, Round Rock, TX

"Pat Cammarata is one of the most effective communicators I have ever heard. Pat understands today's generation and how to communicate the gospel message to them. Pat also has a heart for the church. In a world that is filled with the "latest and greatest," Pat is the "real-deal!" He is a funny and compassionate expositor of the Scriptures and boldly speaks the truth."

Kevin Boles        Former Youth Ministry Team Leader, Louisiana Baptist Convention 

“Pat Cammarata is an excellent communicator! He does an outstanding job as a Banquet Speaker, Youth Retreat Speaker, and Camp Pastor. He is excellent at conducting seminars on reaching youth. I don’t know anybody I have ever worked with who has done a better job. You will really be blessed by using him.”

John R. Bisagno    Pastor Emeritus, First Baptist Church, Houston, TX

“For over 30 years, Pat has dedicated his life to God’s call for his ministry...communicating the truths of the Bible to adults and students for the glory of God. Pat’s unique style of delivery will have you bent over laughing one moment and pondering the depth of God’s love the next. From evangelism to Discipleship to leadership training, Pat is equally at home in front of adults as well as students. No matter the size or age of the group, everyone will leave with a better understanding of God’s will for their lives.”

Mike Lee        Pastor, Third Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, TN

“Pat has a great passion for the Lord and a driving desire to see young people develop to their fullest potential through a personal relationship with God. Pat’s excellent communication skills have helped him establish trusting relationships with both youth and adults. He brings emotional and intellectual energy to the learning experience, thus generating the same enthusiasm among those he’s communicating to.”

Chuck Flowers    Former Youth Evangelism Consultant, Baptist General Convention of Texas

"I want to highly recommend Pat to you. He is someone who respects the work of the Holy Spirit enough to not manipulate students into responding. I loved the way he handled the invitation each night at camp. He is also a very good communicator to either Jr. or Sr. High students. Pat's years of experience as a Youth Minister in the local church allow him to challenge students in a realistic way. He hung out with our kids and was very approachable during the entire week of camp. I will ask him back to speak to my students. In fact, I already have!"

Paul Coleman    Teaching Pastor, Mobberly Baptist Church, Longview, TX

"Pat was just the guy I was looking for and who God led me to when I invited him to do our Xtreme Disciple Now Weekend. He is a man of integrity whose love and passion for the Lord is evident in all he says and does. He is an energetic communicator and his teaching style with students is relevant and refreshing. His desire is to serve Jesus Christ by reaching students with the gospel and challenging them in their personal walk with the Lord. Pat will inspire, motivate, challenge and encourage any group."

Jimmy Moses    Former Student Pastor, First Baptist Church Henrietta, Texas

“Pat Cammarata is one of the most gifted and effective Christian communicators I have ever met. Whether delivering God’s word to a specific group, a leadership team, or an entire congregation, the Lord continually uses Pat to effectively reach the hearts and minds of listeners with God’s Word. His passion for God and heart for evangelism shine through every aspect of his ministry, making him a Godly catalyst for believers and non-believers alike. The Lord has afforded him a myriad of real life experience that allows his ministry to be effective at every level.”

Eric Larson        Children’s Pastor, First Baptist Church, Kingwood, TX

“When Pat speaks, our students listen intently; not because he uses outlandish illustrations, or shocking language, but because he correctly identifies the heart of an issue and lovingly but squarely addresses it. He has a high regard for the Word of God and a passionate love of the living Word.”

Allan Thompson    Former Director, Baptist Student Ministries

 East Texas Baptist University, Marshall, TX

“Pat Cammarata is an extraordinary communicator. I’ve watched both adults and teens sit spellbound as he “takes them to the movies.” This is his unique trademark of communicating timeless truths of Scripture in a contemporary way. He is the ideal “outside” communicator. He can deliver the goods on the platform but has a youth minister’s heart and knows how to work with other ministers and laypeople to meet the needs of our students. Pat loves people, especially teenagers. And it shows.”

Greg Pickering    Pastor, Brazos Pointe Fellowship, Lake Jackson, TX 

“Pat Cammarata is not only a gifted communicator, but a godly man. Pat has an extremely powerful testimony and has been gifted by God to captivate the attention of teenagers and adults. In the years I have known and worked with Pat, I have noticed 2 things: passion and authenticity. Invite him while you can!”

Tom Cottar        Contemporary Worship/Family Pastor, First Baptist Church, Pflugerville, TX 

“Pat can bring the Bible to life in a fresh and exciting way. No longer does the Bible seem confined to the mind, but comes to live in the heart. Old Testament loses the “old”, and New Testament is as fresh as it was when it was written on the scrolls.”

David Paschal     Student Minister, South-haven Baptist Church, Springfield, MO

"I have known Pat for 20 years and can honestly say that he is man constantly growing and pushing towards the heart of God. Pat has done a wonderful job leading our adult youth worker conferences, as well as, speaking at our youth camps. Our students and adults love Pat and speak of him often. Pat brings an honest and humorous approach to the Gospel, while challenging students to seek after God and jump in His Word. Simply put, Pat is Phat!!! WARNING: Your students and adults will fall in love with Pat and beg you to bring him back event after event."

Todd Hickingbottom    Missions Pastor,  First Baptist Church, Marble Falls, Texas