Below are some of the seminars that are offered during a leadership training time. Student pastors can pick one for their volunteers to learn, or mix and match seminars to better meet their needs.

Understanding Adolescents.

Many volunteers forget what it was like to be a teenagers. In fact, many of them want to forget their adolescent years. This seminar will remind adult leaders about the many changes that an adolescent is going through. Mix those adolescent changes up with the the constant changes that are going on in the youth culture today, and the outcome can be very confusing for teenagers and frustrating for student ministry volunteers.

Understanding Learning styles.

When it comes to communication it seems we have left behind the art of "knowing your audience". This seminar will remind large group teachers and small group leaders that there are different learning styles when it comes to communicating with teenagers. Understanding these learning styles will strengthen communication skills and help the volunteers in the area of creativity as it relates to communicating with teenagers.

Am I connecting with my small group?

A seminar packed with creative ideas that will help small group leaders feel confident when it comes to connecting with their small group. They will be encouraged to offer questions that are open ended, while at the same time pay attention to body language that could give them insight into how each student is involved in the group.

Teaching with passion and purpose.

Volunteers that stand before teenagers and teach on a pretty regular basis can become discouraged and at times wonder if they are making a difference. During this seminar they will be taught how to teach a Bible passage with enthusiasm. They will be given tips on how to read the audience while they are speaking and quickly get the room back before pressing on with their message.

Helping your volunteers recruit other volunteers.

Recruiting student ministry volunteers can be a daunting task. This seminar will teach your student ministry volunteers to assist you in recruiting new volunteers. 

If you want to message Pat about a seminar topic you desire for him to lead on that are not on this list, please feel free to do so by clicking the button below.